Monday, February 08, 2010

Like I Never Left

Morning weigh-in: 180#, 12% BF
Surprisingly, not that bad weight, especially considering the Chili Contest yesterday -- and of course all that Russian food -- but we'd been doing a lot of walking on vacation, nothing that worked up a sweat or cranked the heart rate, but I guess we maintained a steady caloric equilibrium.
We got back Saturday evening. Up all night, 6:00 AM flight to Munich followed by an 8 hour layover (sleeping like bums on a park bench), and a 9 hour hop across the pond to Newark, where Debbie and Donna picked us up -- it was good to see some familiar faces! We actually went out, had dinner at Brew Works and saw some more familiar faces (Debbie's Kevin caught up with us there, and we also saw Scott & Jen, and Doug & Lori, and of course the crew behind the bar); by this time it was about 4:00 AM St Petersburg time, but we were trying to get back on schedule, so we hung out until about midnight. I was asleep before I hit the pillow.
We bounced awake fairly early yesterday morning, like 6:00 AM, still partly on Russian time, and dove back into our much-deferred addictions: Anne made a great breakfast, and did some baking, and generally went wild in the kitchen, while I plopped down with the laptop and a cup of coffee, and caught up with all the blogs and webcomics that I follow. At 8:00 we went down to Sand Island, and joined Doug and Eric for a couple of hours XC skiing, then we all decamped, cleaned up, and regrouped in Easton around 11:30 for the Superbowl of Chili. Me and Anne, Donna, Eric, and Doug & Lori, an hour wait to get in and standing room only inside, 18 contest entries -- a good time was had by all -- and rumor has it that I ended up on TV. Porters after that, bumped into a lot of other peeps, and finally got home again around 7:00. We had to deal with a few pressing issues on the home front, but basically we were zonked and horizontal by 10:00. I woke up this morning and I was back on Eastern Standard.
I have about 270 photos from the trip, not all of them keepers of course but it's still a big pile to get through; I've already started posting them and hope to stay on top of it, so stay tuned. In terms of exercise, I'll probably just go for a run tonight.