Monday, July 07, 2014

What Are The Odds Of Something Like That?

Pretty good weekend...

I had off Friday, and both Emmi and Ben were going to be up for the weekend, but Thursday Night I was so tired from work (and from still living through the aftermath of a chest cold) that I went straight upstairs and took a two hour nap. Thus refreshed, I was able to rally, and we joined Scott S and Lou M at the Brew Works, where Ben eventually caught up with us -- then some of his friends showed up, and we had quite a little gathering there for a while.

Friday was the Fourth of July, and the day started out pretty rainy so I didn't feel too guilty about blowing off Greg's traditional Independence Day ride (it was canceled, but I wasn't planning to go since my fitness is not ready for that kind of push). What we did instead was make breakfast for Ben, and Emmi and Kyle, and Ben's friends, brothers Sam and Will and Nathan, along with Will's new bride Anna and their baby girl, Calliope, and Anna's friend who seems to be dating Nathan.

We ate, and hung out and talked, and passed baby Calliope around, and generally had a really nice visit, then they all left and I was ready for bed again, but instead we went over to Greg & Judy's for their post-ride picnic. I was so run-down I was dreading this, but once we got there I was really glad we went: Joe & Cindy, Joe & Sue, Greg & Judy, Eric & Janna, all people I really like, and used to hang out with almost constantly, and now just don't see enough of them.

We left around 8:00, and were home asleep before the Bethlehem fireworks.

Saturday we got up and did it again, this time going to Anne's cousin's picnic in Jim Thorpe. Anne's brother Frank was there with his family, and both her sisters as well, with their families, and the older ones were there with their families, and there were more and less distant cousins that I'd never met, as well as beer, hot dogs and other food, and desserts -- but no fireworks: again, we got out of town before the show started, and got in another early bedtime.

Sunday we got up and rode Lehigh, a first for Anne. We were both kind of tired, and still coughing, and I was definitely out of shape, bt we had a really good time. Later in the day, we had some friends over. John & Donna, Scott, Doug & Lori, and John & Renee. We were going to try our new keg of homebrew, but the CO2 ran out with almost the first glasses, and we were barbecuing, but the propane ran out almost immediately after the keg died, so we had to improvise with whiskey, mead and indoor cooking. We finally got to play John's card game "Cards Against Humanity," and it was a hoot. Last night was not an early night...