Friday, August 06, 2004

Yet Another Fly-by

Morning weigh-in: 174#, 11% BF

Suppression weight: that's the weight loss from dehydration, lack of eating (less food in the pipes) etc that comes just from trying to lose weight. Looks to be about two pounds, since I rested up and ate "normally" and that's how much of a bounce showed up this morning.

Anyway, last night I went to WB to meet T, and it was a zoo. They looked short-staffed, and the Insidious Rays were playing, which brought in a big (and very young) crowd. Margarita came in with Jay DeJ; they were going to hit Touch of Thai for dinner, but that was closed (vacation trip back to the old country) and they were starving. Good Luck! -- the kitchen was running way behind, but they eventually got their dinner.

No run this morning, I was tired & overslept (uh, got up at 6:30 AM). Car seems good though. Tonight is a team training ride at South Mountain, with lights.

Not much happening on the computer front, but I might focus on that this weekend. Time to move forward with my web project, eh?

UPDATE: Here is a race report for the Wilderness 101, with links to photos and results. Uh, what she said...

Thursday, August 05, 2004

a quick flyby

Morning weigh-in: 173.5#, 14% BF

No run this AM: dropped the car off last nite for brakes/oil etc, hitched a ride in with Scott, who works in the burner department here and lives around the block from me. It was time for a rest day anyway, I ran and rode (benchmark, 1:29, good but not great, sign that recovery is proceeding), hit Which Brew to see Theresa, then dropped off the car & walked home, about two miles.

Today was very busy at work, emergency situation (customer changed their equipment in a major way, halfway through a job without letting us know, and our matching equipment is almost completely fabricated). I worked up a solution and just finished plotting out the drawing, when the project manager came by, said the customer had just called to reject that particular fix...

T is hurting today, her shoulder may need surgery. Torn rotator cuff? Bicep tendonitis? She saw the doctor yesterday, first step on the way to the specialist, and his exam may have irritated it. We were going to do the Ice Cream Ride tonight, but it may not be a good idea with the shoulder so I might just swing by & visit her at home.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hump Day

Morning weigh-in: 174.5#, 13% BF

For the record, my weight was 173#/12.5% post R & D (run & dump).

Didn't do much yesterday, worked late & ran some errands, plus did a few chores etc. Dinner was tempeh stir-fry, w/ plenty o'leftovers for tonight. Ran this morning, of course.

Tonight I'll do a ride, then drop my car off (actually, reverse that: drop off car, return home via bike ride) for an oil change and a brake job.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

gonna make you sweat

Morning weigh-in: 175.5#, 13% BF

Ran this morning, was forced to remember that when my body wakes up, everything wakes up including peristalsis... made it the full two miles without taking any shortcuts, then went home, did my duty and found my weight down to 174# (what can I say, I was curious). I suspect that a lot of the drop was water: I was pouring sweat like a fountain, body didn't calm down until I was at work. Things are a little different from the single-digit temps when I first ran...

Mug Club Night at Which Brew, had some lemony Greek soup and mousaka, plus a Franziskaner Weisbier. T was in earlier but I missed her, I arrived around 8:30 after working late and riding (short ride, slow, still suffering from the W101), and she'd had dinner with Connor at normal-people dinnertime. Hung out with Brian though, his first time out driving on his own since his cardio catheterization (he was at the party Sat, but didn't drive).

Monday, August 02, 2004

A Belly Dancer, A Party, & A Very Short Death March

Morning weigh-in: 174.5#, 13% BF

Got up and ran this morning, my (formerly) usual two miles which took me 24 minutes -- a little slower than my 10k target pace of 7:30 per mile. I took it easy though, first time back and it was already hot and muggy. I was a little surprised I got up without a problem, since I slept with the windows open, and the girl down the street had a party. (Parents away? Probably not, but it's a half double, and the people next door just moved out). Nothing major, just a bunch of shouted goodbyes at around midnight, then a few more around 2:00 AM. I notice that the kids on the block are starting to cluster, doing that back-to-school retribalization thang...

Anyway, the weekend:

Friday Night: I rode the towpath after work. I planned on doing a "hot lap" but ran into Joe and Cindy, who were with their dog & so riding relatively slowly. I cut my own ride short and rode with them which was just as well, since I don't think I could have held my pace/effort (I'm not yet recovered from last weekend).
After that I got ready for my evening by wrapping myself in bedsheets. It was Toga Night at Which Brew, with guest-chef Margarita's Greek recipes, togas of course (but we were actually a minority), and even a belly dancer. I met Theresa & her son young Connor there for dinner; he was in tie-dyed sheets & it looked pretty decent, but T's toga was just amazing, easily the best there. She got some fabric and actually made an outfit (complete with wig and cap) that looked like she was an extra in The Robe or something. (She said it was unpleasantly hot though.) She took Conor home and I changed out of my toga, but I only stuck around for the first set of Three Monks.

Saturday: Was my usual "selfish day," but I seemed to be just a little behind schedule all day. Went to the gym & saw Dawn, who peppered me with anxious questions about what I thought of the bear tagging program. Apparently, volunteers have occasionally gotten freaked out about the blood/DNA samples etc... I'm starting to shift towards winter and strength training (I think it may have been a mistake to let the fitness focus be on the bike so much this summer), and Saturday's workout was the first of the new program.

Afterward I stopped by T's, watched The Sandlot (which I thought would be lame but was actually pretty good) and had dinner with her and Connor. The Riglers were having a party, but T had her son and was in for the night, at least in terms of beer blowouts in the woods...

The party, what I remember of it, was great. I ended up sleeping in the Pinkerton's basement. Verrry dangerous to have those foo-foo drinks like Skye Blue or Mike's Hard Lemonade available on a hot day (mandarin orange something-or-other is what got us all)... Joe C calls them "a hangover in a bottle" but I bounced back OK, sort of.

Sunday: We were supposed to ride the Green Blazed Trail in Jim Thorpe, but the morning was very rainy. Doug called me around noon and put together a short ride up at South Mountain. Just him, me and Eric and we were pretty low-key but it was so hot & muggy (and I was still so depleted) that I felt like total death even thought the ride was only about six miles long. Technical riding though, we took maybe three or four hours to do those six miles... I got home and slept for about three hours, then woke up and had a burst of energy until maybe 10:00 PM, got a bunch of chores done.

Tonight I'll probably do a road ride, then hit WB for Mug Night.