Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Down To The Wire

I am moving out of my apartment this weekend, so of course:
1. There is a big snowstorm coming.
2. There was an emergency at work, starting last week, requiring me to work late so I couldn't do as much pre-move moving/cleaning as I'd hoped.
I think I'm in good shape though: most of my smaller stuff has been moved into storage, and most of my trash has been thrown out. As long as I can rent a U-Haul for Saturday (and manage to not crash it) I'm golden.
Meantime, I got in a decent road ride last weekend, 51 miles on a springlike Saturday. I did another tempo workout last night on the trainer, but other than that there has been no exercise this whole week -- too busy.
Not Too Busy: I've been playing with the maps again. I downloaded the latest demo version of TopoFusion and got it to run under Wine on the laptop (there are a few issues with the interface, but overall I think that it works well enough to warrant buying the full version), and I downloaded the latest stable version of GRASS. That also seems pretty good, but the new functionality I want seems to hang up when I use it on my Sals trail database -- I think the problem is with the database itself, though.