Saturday, July 04, 2009

That Was The Day That Was

Well, here it is: the 4th of July, and we are about to head up to Anne's mom's house for some BBQ, fireworks -- and a little porch painting...

We were up there yesterday too. I was riding, and met Anne at her mom's house afterward. Breakfast at Blue Sky, VMB ride on Green Blaze (22 people, 15 miles in 4 hours, mud, blood, sweat, rain and a dip in the lake), JT visit, then Tulum and a little First Friday before I totally ran out of steam. Yeah it was good!

And now I'm off to do at least some of it again. See ya!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Like Pina Coladas And Getting Caught In The Rain

Morning weigh-in: 173#, 12% BF
Well, today marks the one-year anniversary of "Anne and me" as an actual relationship. Time flies when you're having fun, nyuk nyuk...
(This is what I wrote two years ago, and this was three years ago, give or take.)
I did a singlespeed ride on the towpath last night, moderate pace (as far as my heart was concerned, though my legs were spinning away like hamsters), out to my turnaround point at the 3rd St bridge in Easton and back, just under 2 hours. The post-ride plan was to stay in, but I got a text from Doug & Lori, who also did a towpath ride on the tandem, and who were outside at Brew Works having dinner when they saw Anne ride by (she got home just as I did, basically) and invited us over.
Once again, a most pleasant evening, hanging out on Main Street. A couple of summer beers (Blueberry Belch, Hefeweizen), conversation, and people watching, and then we saw Heidi who told us that Greg and the VMB post-ride crew was inside -- they couldn't come out because outdoor seating was closed by then, but we went in to visit by ones and twos. The weather was very pleasant, but there was lightning to the south and eventually a bit of a drizzle, so D&L took off and A&I went inside. We eventually made our escape, and had to ride home in the rain, which was surprisingly pleasant.
It poured all night, which makes for good sleeping weather, but when I left for work I noticed that my car's rear windows had been open all night in the rain. Doh!
Get em while they're not extinct: Had a banana with breakfast, and two with lunch. Tra la la, la-la la la...
Tonight is the gym, then I'm meeting Anne at Sette Luna for dinner with Toby & Erika and Judy.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sometimes The Light Don't Shine

Morning weigh-in (Tuesday): 173.5# 12% BF
Morning weigh-in (Wednesday): 175.5# 12.5% BF
Playing: Fun ride Monday night, playing with my new toys: I developed this route at MapMyRide, downloaded it into my Garmin and tried following it, but I had a late start and had to cut things a bit short. Still, and despite a disappointing average speed (hey it was hilly!), I had a great time. Beautiful night too, by the way, blue skies and perfect temperature.
(I've been doing a lot of exploring over that area lately, trying to develop some new bike routes as well as a back way to work. I drove in via the bridge in Milford yesterday, got semi-lost -- there's one crucial section of my route, that apparently is no longer a road though it's on all the maps -- and went home pretty much the same way. Got semi-lost again, looking for that non-road, and got home about 15 minutes late -- I found out this morning that the highway flooded in that crazy storm last night, and the backup, on my normal route, would have been more than an hour.)
Listening: I maxxed out my eMusic download quota for the month of June, first time I did that in a while. I downloaded the new Dinosaur Jr album just the other day, and also new albums by Deer Tick -- never heard of them but loved the name -- and Japandroids. These last two were new to me but popped up in my "based on what you already downloaded you'll also like these" list; Deer Tick's pretty country, while the Japandroids are more grunge/garage/twee, but both are good. I think the computer knows my taste!

Reading: Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach. Yeah, nerdvana, and I'm back to playing with GRASS. We'll see where it leads.
I skipped riding last night and I need the miles, so tonight I'll be hitting the road again -- barring another torrential downpour, in which case I'll be doing the usual Wednesday night yoga thang.