Friday, August 04, 2006

Wow, What A Dinner

Morning weigh-in: 183#, 10.5% BF
Blood Pressure: 134/75, 61 BPM

Looks like it was dinner that spanked me last night, gained four pounds in a day... nachos and a slice of cake, accompanied by two beers and two drinks. Hung out with Kirk, talked with a few others, but it was pretty loud there, at least until the place started filling up. Anyway, a good night, maybe not worth the price I paid but good nonetheless.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Morning weigh-in: 179#, 12.5% BF
Blood Pressure: 120/71, 75 BPM

Rocking fast towpath ride last night, not quite as fast as I'd like but I figure at least some of the lost time was due to the more difficult trail conditions. I rode it in 1:42, with an average heartrate of 159 BPM and a 179 BPM max HR; total calories burned were 2023. I spent most of my time (1:07) in Zone 4, and another 21 minutes in Zone 5, so I think my heart is back in the groove, no longer having overtraining/fatigue issues. Morning heartrate was pretty high today though, which may be a sign that I need a rest day...

Reading: The Serpents Of Paradise, an Edward Abbey reader. Again, just browsing, but there are some good stories in there. I liked his description of a visit to the Smokies, and his talk about the blue haze found all throughout the Appalachians -- that haze can be seen in the hills across from our office right now. Deep blue overtones in the shadows, like some of the sky got tangled in the trees... cue "Starship Trooper"...

Tonight I'm giving Lori P a ride home, think I'll use that to wangle a visit to see how Doug's doing. I may take a rest day today, or possibly go to the gym, not sure yet. Dinner tonight will be at Which Brew: Dave Cahill's record release party is tonight, and since they'll be closed all next week for Musikfest, I better go get my fix now.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Bugs Of August

Morning weigh-in: 179#, 12% BF
Blood Pressure: 123/75, 68 BPM

Wow! Yoga spanked me last night. No doubt it was partly due to the heat (I was pouring sweat), and I think part of it was that the standards were higher than usual last night -- there were only two others in the class, and they weren't really beginners -- but I also had positional vertigo problems partway through, and that really makes yoga impossible. I may have to put it aside for a while if the ear/balance problem is really about to manifest. (I wonder what gives? My nose & sinuses have been pretty good for months, but then again I've been on antibiotics for months...) Be that as it may, I notice that the classes have not been getting easier. Looks like the same old dynamic: I'll have to do my homework, put in a whole lot more effort than I have been, to reap the rewards.

Got home, actually felt kind of sick so dinner was a bowl of cereal and I went to bed by 8:30.

(Just thought I'd mention that I have been getting some rewards from the yoga already: I seem to have a better feel for my body, especially breathing and posture, and I've had to adjust my rear-view mirror in the car since I'm sitting taller & straighter. After Sunday's ride though, I had to move the mirror back lower, since I was pretty beat down & slumping again.)

Slept with all the windows open and two fans on me, awoke to the sound of cicadas in the trees. We're into the second half of summer, summer in earnest...

Tonight is a towpath ride, and I may include a dip in the river, followed by more dirty rice or maybe that tuna.

Reading: Been browsing through Bacon's Essays, just read "Of Seditions" this morning. It made me late for work, it was so good.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Crush Groove

Morning weigh-in: 181.5#, 12.5% BF
Blood Pressure: 123/73, 57 BPM

Dang! I guess it was just "suppression weight" that I'd lost, but I'm still not too happy to see that bounce back up... Anyway, went to the gym last night; dinner afterward was dirty rice, with a salad and some feta- & garlic-stuffed olives. Tonight is yoga, then maybe tuna w/ wilted greens. That is all.

Monday, July 31, 2006

The Weekend In Review

Morning weigh-in: 179.5#, 14% BF (UPDATE: Fixed weight.)
Forgot blood pressure, oops.

I took Friday as a rest day, worked a little late & then went to Which Brew for dinner. Saw a bunch of friends, sampled some Magic Hat brews but got no schwag -- WTF?? -- and snickered insecurely with the rest of the guys, while the gals all had their sex-toy party (like a tupperware party, I think) behind closed doors in the other room. I was out of there by midnight, Saturday would be busy.

Saturday morning was yoga, followed by a haircut, then I went over my friend Joe's house to pick up his old dryer which I bought (actually, it wasn't me "picking it up" so much as him delivering it, since we used his pickup to get it to my place). Still have a few installation/wiring issues to deal with, but I now have a full set of laundry equipment again. Later I met Joe & his wife for dinner at the WB.

Sunday was a Jim Thorpe ride, the singletrack on Broad Mountain, again with Joe & Cindy. I felt much better on this ride than I have been feeling recently, which was a really nice change, but it was brutally hot out in the sun, and there were several long sunny climbs...

Today I'm working late, then hitting the gym. Dinner will probably be Louisiana dirty rice, or maybe "potatoes & chickpeas in a lemon-tahini curry," if I have all the ingredients.