Thursday, August 03, 2006


Morning weigh-in: 179#, 12.5% BF
Blood Pressure: 120/71, 75 BPM

Rocking fast towpath ride last night, not quite as fast as I'd like but I figure at least some of the lost time was due to the more difficult trail conditions. I rode it in 1:42, with an average heartrate of 159 BPM and a 179 BPM max HR; total calories burned were 2023. I spent most of my time (1:07) in Zone 4, and another 21 minutes in Zone 5, so I think my heart is back in the groove, no longer having overtraining/fatigue issues. Morning heartrate was pretty high today though, which may be a sign that I need a rest day...

Reading: The Serpents Of Paradise, an Edward Abbey reader. Again, just browsing, but there are some good stories in there. I liked his description of a visit to the Smokies, and his talk about the blue haze found all throughout the Appalachians -- that haze can be seen in the hills across from our office right now. Deep blue overtones in the shadows, like some of the sky got tangled in the trees... cue "Starship Trooper"...

Tonight I'm giving Lori P a ride home, think I'll use that to wangle a visit to see how Doug's doing. I may take a rest day today, or possibly go to the gym, not sure yet. Dinner tonight will be at Which Brew: Dave Cahill's record release party is tonight, and since they'll be closed all next week for Musikfest, I better go get my fix now.

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