Monday, July 31, 2006

The Weekend In Review

Morning weigh-in: 179.5#, 14% BF (UPDATE: Fixed weight.)
Forgot blood pressure, oops.

I took Friday as a rest day, worked a little late & then went to Which Brew for dinner. Saw a bunch of friends, sampled some Magic Hat brews but got no schwag -- WTF?? -- and snickered insecurely with the rest of the guys, while the gals all had their sex-toy party (like a tupperware party, I think) behind closed doors in the other room. I was out of there by midnight, Saturday would be busy.

Saturday morning was yoga, followed by a haircut, then I went over my friend Joe's house to pick up his old dryer which I bought (actually, it wasn't me "picking it up" so much as him delivering it, since we used his pickup to get it to my place). Still have a few installation/wiring issues to deal with, but I now have a full set of laundry equipment again. Later I met Joe & his wife for dinner at the WB.

Sunday was a Jim Thorpe ride, the singletrack on Broad Mountain, again with Joe & Cindy. I felt much better on this ride than I have been feeling recently, which was a really nice change, but it was brutally hot out in the sun, and there were several long sunny climbs...

Today I'm working late, then hitting the gym. Dinner will probably be Louisiana dirty rice, or maybe "potatoes & chickpeas in a lemon-tahini curry," if I have all the ingredients.

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