Thursday, July 09, 2009

Goodbye My Friend

Brian Poses On Porcupine Rim
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This is a shot of my good friend Brian Hahl, posing last year at one of his all-time favorite places in the world. Brian passed away about an hour or two ago. There's not much more I can to say right now. I love you, brother.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Let's Try This Again

Morning weigh-in: 174#, 13% BF
It's Crunch Time: My Wilderness 101 training is starting to come down to the wire, and I really do not feel ready. Looking at my training logs (via Garmin Connect), I have to say that, if I don't reach my goals at the 101, I blew it basically back in April and May:
Month     Miles       Training Time
Feb        130.9       15:49:45
Mar        319.8       34:16:19
Apr        261.8       26:09:03
May       276.4       26:24:48
Jun        258.2       27:04:06
(June was a special case, since I spent two weeks prepping for, and recovering from, Big Bear -- where I first noticed that I was in trouble.)
The numbers don't really look that bad, actually, but there is a dip of about 20% in both miles and time from my original march statement of intention. Rain, and refusal to ride in it? Other slacking? I know that at least some of it is due to offroad rather than road training, which is a shame since I've been pushing the road miles (and road hills) these past two weeks, and already see an improvement.
With the race only about 3 weeks away, it's really too late to do anything new; I'll just have to continue the way I'm going and hope for the best. I think my "biggest bang for the buck" at this point ,is to try to lose some weight: if I can get below 170 lbs by race day I'll be a lot happier -- I'm coming into this about ten pounds heavier than I weighed last year.
Last night, by the way, was a really nice ride at Sals. Pedals worked, I tightened the headset and that stopped its weirdness, and trail conditions were primo. Despite what I said above, I think I'll ride there again tonight.

UPDATE: wrote this at lunch but only posted it now at night. Sals was good, and so was Brew Works...


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mission Aborted

Morning weigh-in: 174.5#, 12% BF
Better Luck Next Time: I was set to ride Sals last night (once I finished cleaning/lubricating the bike after Friday's adventure), but on the way over I was having trouble staying clipped in to the left pedal: nothing looked wrong with either the pedal or the cleat, but I'd pop out at odd and inopportune moments. Not fun, possibly dangerous, I turned around after getting partway down the Orange ("Roller Toaster") trail. I can't be sure, but I suspect that the pedal was the offending part, since it took a beating on Friday, and the shoes/cleats worked just fine on Sunday's road ride. I got home, mowed the lawn (still no photo evidence, heh heh), and after dinner I replaced the pedals with the somewhat newer ones on the singlespeed -- the right pedal came off just fine, but the left one was sort of seized on to the crank and put up a struggle; I also noticed that the spindle bearing was pretty gummed up (and there were a few holes knocked in the housing for water to get in too), so I think the pedal was at the end of its useful life. That's my dominant foot, I guess it just takes more of a beating than the right pedal...
(Dinner, by the way, was awesome: Anne grabbed a bunch of string beans from the garden and steamed them, and we had cheese and avocado sandwiches with piles and piles of string beans.)
That's Living: Sunday's ride worked out a little better. Anne and I rode through the Durham township area (my recent stomping grounds) to Reigelsville, and then down to Milford on the Jersey side, then we rode back to the Reigelsville Inn where we met Larry who rode down the towpath from Easton. Outdoor seating by the canal, some lunch -- menu was mostly seafood so I just had bread, but it was good bread -- and a couple of Magic Hats, and finally we made our way back to Bethlehem via similar Bucks County back roads. Sunny day, life was good on Sunday... We had dinner outside too, at Brew Works.
Firecracker: No ride Saturday, but Anne and I went to her mom's house for a BBQ with all her brothers and sisters and their families. Good times, spent mostly stuffing face (rather than painting the porch, which we arrived too late to help with). We hung out most of the day and checked out the town fair, but skipped the Jim Thorpe fireworks, opting to escape before the roads got crowded, and got home in time to catch the Bethlehem ones from the porch steps. (Stay tuned for photos.)
A Short Epic: Here's a link to Friday's ride. I'll post pictures for this event soon as well.
Tonight I'll be trying for a ride, probably on the road, if the rain holds off.