Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Art Of Living

Morning weigh-in: 179#, 9% BF

Yesterday was a pretty well-done day for me: bicycled in to work (only bad part was the 5:00 AM wake-up), work yadda yadda, then biked back to Easton for yoga, then home, then dinner at Which Brew -- something I wasn't too happy about weight-wise, but it was a very nice evening there.

As for Jerry Falwell's goodbye kiss, I think lapsed-Catholic Roy Edroso said it best, though I did like this retrospective.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Situation Normal

Morning Weigh-in: 181#, 9% BF

Bad nutrition weekend; last post said "not going out this weekend" but that's not exactly how it happened...

Friday night I met some friends at Sogo, a new Japanese / "Asian Fusion" place on Northampton Street. Eric & Janna, Eric & Kris, Greg, Doug & Lori, Deb -- they were there celebrating Eric B's birthday, and I really just stopped in to say hi but had a mohito while I was there. Damn fine summer drink, that mohito. I went to Which Brew after that (the others went to the Funhouse but I still wanted an early morning), had hot wings.

(Earlier in the evening I rode over steepest-road-in-NJ Fiddler's Elbow, thank you very much.)

Saturday was a bad day: I woke up out-of-sorts, did mediocre at yoga (no biggie but still), and at the coffee shop I noticed that the waitress was in a bit of a funk as well; I also noticed after leaving there that traffic was unusually bad -- not congested or aggressive, just bad, like everyone was in a funk. So it wasn't just me...

Drove all the way to Allentown to the PPRAC fundraiser at Wal-Mart (we would be riding our bikes on trainers and collecting change) and that's where I discovered that I did not have my front wheel. I must have left it outside in the alley! It was now noon (in other words, I was already late for the fundraiser) and the wheel had probably been sitting there -- or not --since I left the house at 7:30 AM...

I got home, of course the wheel was gone. I drove back to Allentown, held a bucket and worked the Wal-Mart crowd like a carnival barker. Got home, showered, took a nap, then went to Which Brew, which was closed for the evening. WTF?!? It was also raining.

Went across the street to Porters, where I had an entire cheese plate, a cheese steak and a couple of beers to drown my sorrow...

Sunday was a little better: I woke up to a beautiful day, so I hopped on the Turner and rode down the towpath to Sals. Had a great ride there, and on the way home I stopped in at the Blue Sky Cafe, ate an awesome french toast brunch. Nice solid 34 offroad miles, mellow pace.

In the afternoon I went to Howell (or Jackson, I forget what town exactly), down to my brother's house for a Mother's Day dinner. Lotta fun playing with my nephew, who got a lot bigger & more grown-up over the past few months, and also hanging out with the family. Dinner was General Tso's Chicken, followed by chocolate cake.

Yesterday was yoga (and the last of General Tso), and today will be yoga as well, but I also bicycled in to work today. Very pleasant.