Friday, July 02, 2004

duh, part 2

Morning weigh-in: 176#, 12% BF

Recommendo: Saw Fahrenheit 9/11 last night. Incredible movie. Vintage Moore: viciously partisan (of course), manipulative (somewhat), maybe misleading (time will tell -- but I'd heard most of his revelations years ago, and most of them seem pretty true), but much better than his usual stuff. Very powerful, funny at times but in the end really sad.

Anyway, I was supposed to go riding at Round Valley tonight, but I'm working late, didn't bring bike and will instead hit the towpath. There's a reception for "Taming the Bicycle" tonight at the Banana Factory, and I think I'll head down to see it.

The Tour starts tomorrow.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

these 4-day weeks are pretty nice

Morning weigh-in: 174#, 12% BF

Rode last night from Eric's house: me, Doug, Greg, Eric, Janna's Eric, and Joe & Cindy. He lives in the "hilly zone" south of the Bethlehem-Allentown border, and the ride definitely had its share of ups and downs... very difficult I thought; though I felt like I was riding OK I felt a little tired & out-of-sorts (poor sleep, stomach problems). Something nasty has been going around, fever/chills, sweats, fatigue & muscle aches. It got Doug & Joe, and reportedly Greg H as well; Doug's mom has something similar right now but also with upset stomach!! -- watch the paranoia...

Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Morning weigh-in: 175#, 14% BF

A little dull today, not much to say... got my luggage back -- made them deliver it to the office, worked a little late but not too, rode last nite on the towpath (brought lights, used them for the last little bit), and met T and her neighbors/friends at the Riverside, a place with a deck overlooking the Delaware River.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Back From Florida

Morning weigh-in: 176#, 13.5% BF

Not a bad trip, though I'm still missing my luggage (nice move US Airways). I guess I should be thankful it happened on the return trip though...

I flew down Friday, after a bit of an impromptu party Thursday night at Which Brew with T (we went for dinner after riding the towpath)and a couple of others (Ed, Murph, Margerita). I had the next day off, but I still had to pack and my flight was 6:50 AM -- ouch! The flight was pretty uneventful, ABE to Ft Myers w/ connection in Pittsburg, then car rental & the hour or so drive to Marco.

Saturday was downtime, so I worked on my sunburn, then went out to dinner with all involved in the Christening. Baptism on Sunday, followed by barbecue at Kevin's, and I flew home yesterday. Plenty of photos, maybe I'll post a few here.

I stopped at Doug & Lori's on the way home, ended up in plans by Eric to see Fahrenheit 911 but it was sold out so we went to Tulum for dinner. Real food, real beer...