Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When I Was Your Age

Morning weigh-in: 179.5#, 12% BF
Did an after-work chore day yesterday, stopping to get computer supplies at Staples, then finishing the Great Laundry Cull at the apartment (got two more huge bags for Goodwill, plus one of garbage and some old stereo speakers thrown out). Once I got home I started dicking around with the computer, which cut into my ride time but I did manage to get some time on the trainer workout. (Thirty minutes: ten warmup, ten at LT and ten cooldown, all at a 90-95 RPM cadence.) It was a good workout, but not really much of one, and since I hit Taco Hell -- hard -- for dinner, I don't know where the good weigh-in came from. But I'll take it...
Funny, a lot of the clothes I've tossed have been shirts from old races, like back when your $25 entry fee also got you a tee shirt and a water bottle -- let's call it The Nineties. I wore a lot of those shirts until they were rags, sort of a tribal identity thing, and kept them for sentimental reasons ever since. Anne got a kick out of my waxing reminiscent over them on Saturday. I started thinking about it though -- there was a lot of racing going on back then, it was a big deal. Just in New Jersey, in a season that went from March through early December, there was:
The Lewis Morris Challenge (6-race series),
RVCC at Ringwood (6-race series),
Mahlon Madness (2 races),
Fat Tire trilogy at Mahlon (3 races)
The Round Valley Rumbler,
Allamuchy (several races, plus the 24-hour race),
Montague Day,
and the series championship at Allaire.
In eastern Pennsylvania:
Big Timber,
Mt Gretna,
Michaux (3 races),
Blue Marsh (5 or 6 races plus a few biathlons),
and God's Country.
In nearby Maryland& Delaware:
Gambrill Ramble,
Greenbriar Challenge,
The Watershed Washout,
The Iron Hill Challenge,
and The Eastern Shore Challenge.
(New York, New England, and VA/WV/NC were just as busy, but to me, except for a few "name" races, they were their own separate world.)
That's 40 races right there, easily more than one a weekend for the busier parts of the season (there was always a lull in around July), and they were all packed, hundreds of racers at even the smallest of them. I might not have been a very good racer, but I sure had fun -- I got to know a lot of different places to ride by racing them, and got to hang out with a lot of great people, a community with its own news, and folklore and gossip.
I saw someone from racing days a few years back, and mentioned that I missed the old scene -- he said that it never went away, that I was the one who dropped out. But there aren't nearly as many races nowadays, and they aren't nearly as well attended; something might continue in attenuated form, but what I remember is gone.
By the way, this post's title? I caught myself using the phrase more than once recently. Aargh!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Morning weigh-in: 180.5#, 12% BF
Whelp, I am now pretty much caught up with my photos. The last of the Russia pics are posted on Flickr -- I had just under 200 keepers -- as are the Superbowl of Chili photos, plus a few others. (Technically, I guess I'm falling behind again, since I took a few more yesterday, but still.)
In other catch-up news, I'm finally making the big push to vacate that apartment. Anne and I stopped by after yoga Saturday, and culled out a big chunk of my Goodwill-bound (and also trash-bound) clothes, five big bags of stuff. I'm going back tonight to finish the job, and also do a few more tasks; I will be doing similar things several days this week, and should be just about done (except for the U-Haul stuff) by the weekend. Friggin finally!
This weekend: I tried going skiing on Friday, but I think everyone else must have thought the same thing -- I couldn't even find a parking space at Blue Mountain, just me and maybe 30 other cars constantly prowling for openings in the lot until I wised up -- if the lots are full, how will the slopes be? -- and regrouped by snowshoeing at Sals. Good old Sals! I was definitely not the first one there either, plenty of others had already broken track. We hit the Allentown Farmer's Market (always a trip) later in the day.
Anne and I went to yoga on Saturday morning, then hit the Quadrant for brunch before the big clothing drive, then we got home and bottled that Baltic Porter that's been brewing in the basement since like Christmas (we took a few samples, it's already really good), and finally the crew (Anne, me, Debbie and Donna) went to Andy's wine-tasting party. Long day!
Sunday was Valentine's day, but we took it low key, except we did have a vodka-and-pickles party, eating Russian foods like borscht and Salade Olivier, and vodka chased with the traditional pickled veggies (pickled garlic, plain old pickles, and sauerkraut). We went for a nice long walk after everyone left, pretty much our only time outside for either of us yesterday.
Tonight is more work at the apartment, then I'll be (gack) riding the trainer -- gotta do it, I've fallen way behind in my fitness.