Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More New Phonebooks Are Here

Morning weigh-in: 167.5#, 8% BF
Hey check this out!
Rode a bit at Sals last night before the rain, followed by a slightly drizzly VMB meeting in the parking lot afterward, but we adjourned to the Tally Ho -- chicken cheese steak & Troegs Nugget nectar -- when the heavy stuff started to come down. Quite a turnout, especially considering the weather.
Tonight is yoga, then a light (!) dinner at home, since tomorrow is the Christian Springs Hotel "supper club," after the gym of course.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, how 'bout that article?!?!
All of you should be mucho proud. You did a ton of work. Too bad some idiots had to dump a couch afterwards.

That was a pretty severe storm we got last night. Our power was going on and off for hours. I'm surprised you had such a good turnout. Personally, I was happy not to be out in it.

Did you read that god-awful story about the guy and girl on a motorcycle hit by a truck on 611 in yesterday's Express-Times? Today's paper said they both expired. It was difficult to read what happened to them; and, according to the newspaper piece, it was extremely difficult for those who stopped at the scene to try to help. What a shame.

Don said...

Yeah, people were talking about it at work. Tragic.