Saturday, May 06, 2006


I'm back. Essentially I had/have a staph infection, probably worked its way in along the incision seam and brewed away inside, but the surgeon said it didn't look like it was too big or that it got to the hardware (which hardware, even so, may have to come out at some later date). I had one operation on Thursday morning, got a PICC line installed, another operation Friday afternoon, all the while getting pumped full of esoteric antibiotics and painkillers, and after the infectious diseases specialist reviewed the lab reports they discharged me today.

No pictures this time around; this trip was grimmer and there was less of a "holiday air" about the whole procedure, though the process itself was a lot less of a hassle than the first operation. Unfortunately, I'm really getting to know my way around Muhlenberg... Once again, cool doctors (saw a lot more MD's & specialists this time around), and waaay cooler nurses & aides than last time. Can't say I had a blast, but it was a lot better than it might have been.

Got some visitors last night, Doug & Lori stopped by for a bit, which really raised my spirits -- Doug also got me home today, so thanks again.

What's next: I am on some oral antibiotics, as well as self-administered syringes I do through the PICC line. I inject myself three times a day for six weeks, and I have weekly blood tests and visits to the infectious disease specialist, but I should be on my way back.

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