Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stringer, Alien

Morning weigh-in: 166.5#, 8% BF (hmmmm, a little bit o' suppression?)
The meeting last night was pretty good, big turnout and a lot of ideas got thrown around, mostly about trail maintenance/advocacy. Apparently Blue Mountain may want to put in some downhill biking infrastructure, and also some XC trails -- essentially build their way to a 4-season business model over the next few years, and the VMB may have some sort of role to play. That could be big, and as long as they don't ruin my quiet Monday nights skiing up there (or my summer rides over the mountain on those quiet mountain roads), I'm cool. Meantime, there was some talk about trail situations at Ralph Stover, coordinating with the rock climbers and the park. That also sounds good, but it's a little out of our jurisdiction, and I worry that we'd be spreading ourselves too thin. Hopefully, the guys down there will be able to organize themselves to handle this.
Meanwhile, the venue: Wegman's was an alright place for the meeting, plenty of room even for the large turnout. I grabbed some dinner from the "Asian Wokkery" buffet or whatever, a couple of dumplings and some veggie lo mein. Pretty weird to walk downstairs and be back in a supermarket, though I'd been through that plenty of times before, back in the Howard Dean Meetup days.  If the VMB had meetings there on a regular basis I don't think anybody would object, despite the lack of alcohol.
Dyson, I still dream of Vhiesshu: Been thinking about a book I used to have, sci-fi, called The World Is Round. I wonder whatever happened to it -- I probably sold it years ago. I've been seeing connections with Pynchon's V, especially "She Hangs On The Western Wall."
Hit the gym last night. Tonight I'll probably go to yoga (if I can make the early start), otherwise I'll do a singlespeed hill-sprint workout around town. Dinner: pork tenderloin?

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