Sunday, January 02, 2011

Just Putting It Out There

These aren't necessarily resolutions, but...

Lose Weight: I am currently 180 pounds, and I want to be 170 pounds by April. I think that's pretty doable, so it's on the list. My real goal is low 160's by June, but first things first.

Train and Race: I've already put together a training regimen, or at least the bare bones of one  (I have plenty of time to flesh things out), but I do want to get back on the bike for real this year. I plan on doing at least a few local races too: Michaux, maybe some from the MASS and H2H series, and of course my nemesis -- the Wilderness 101.

Blog More: Last year I only had 92 posts, my worst year since 2003 when I was first starting out. Since I'll probably be posting weights, hopefully I'll come up with something to say more frequently than last year.

So here you have it! We shall see what happens.

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