Monday, January 03, 2011

Day One: A New Clear Dawn

Morning weigh-in: 180.5#, 14% BF
Back at work, and things are going smoothly. I saw the sun rise on the way in this morning (with a beautiful solar tower shooting up from behind the trees), for the first time in... it felt like quite a while, but I'm guessing it's only been two weeks. It really wasn't quite the difficult morning I expected it to be, though I did forget my money and my wallet when I dashed out the door -- d'oh! No lunch today.
New Year's Festivities New Year's Eve was a pretty full day, starting early with Anne getting the pork & sauerkraut cooking. I ran in the PeepsFest 5k with Lori P, and also Eric & Kris who did their own pace, while Anne, Emmi & Doug did the walk, then we checked out the PeepsFest tent with Liz. Home, nap, and then it was time to party -- we (Anne, Emmi & I) had a "70's Theme Mystery Dinner Party" (sort of like a cross between the game "Clue" and a mini-play around the dinner table) with Liz and a friend of hers, Sally & Joe, and Deb and Donna. Way fun, but we were too tired for Phase 2 at the Dropping of the Peep downtown; we just watched the fireworks from the porch and went to bed. The next day was Judy's open house. Anne and I stopped by for a few hours, saw a big bunch of the old gang, then we stopped in at Porters on the way home, which was surprisingly busy, and saw some more of the old gang. Should auld acquaintance lang syne etc...
Tonight I'm hitting the towpath, ride one of training week one.