Friday, December 08, 2006

Comedy Gold

Morning weigh-in: 183#, 11% BF

A lot of people are piling onto this lame Christopher Hitchens article, including Amanda Marcotte and Steve Gilliard (check their comments for more goodness), so other than "what they said," all I really have to add is that here in reality, of my three funniest friends, two are women.

A Change in the Weather: Got up this morning and, though it's usually quiet at 6:00 AM, it seemed especially silent outside and my first instinct was to look out through the blinds. Snow! Not much, maybe a quarter inch accumulation, but it was enough to turn even the grass white. My run was freezing, it was ten degrees and windy out there.

Winter Harvest: This time of year has always been pretty tough around here (work), with the physical stress of the first cold weather combined with the emotional stress of the holidays; one or two of my co-workers passes away every year around this time. It's not always by surprise, in the sense of someone healthy getting hit by a bus or something, but even if the person was not in the best of health it's never really expected. This morning I came in heard that Gene C passed away last night. He was older and had once been very overweight, but he'd manage to lose quite a bit over the last year or so. Still, he had heart problems, and he'd recently had some procedure done, so maybe it was getting worse -- he was here working yesterday though. Nice guy, easy-going and very savvy, influential here and trusted by our customers. Very sad.


Anonymous said...

I'll try this to comment.

Too bad about your co worker & how shocking to have just worked with him the day before.

Why is it Xmas tolls more deaths than, say, Labor Day?

Anonymous said...

BTW- last comment was by HMK

Don said...

Probably what I said: the emotional stress of the holidays, combined with the physical stress of the first cold weather; it sort of culls those who may already be on the edge.

Meantime: you don't have to post anonymously.

Anonymous said...

I'll try "other."