Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Awww, Meatloaf Again?

Morning weigh-in: 184.5#, 11% BF

(Comments should now be working OK...)

Did chores and went to yoga last night, then did more stuff at home, then had dinner at Which Brew -- this time I was right, they did have meatloaf, with mashed potatoes and corn. Meatloaf sandwich, actually, and while I'm not usually a big fan of meatloaf this was really good. Washed it down with a Brooklyn Chocolate Stout.

No run this morning: tonight is a towpath ride. It's gonna be cold.

I don't usually talk about much more than myself, and usually make a point to avoid politics but that's not true of all bloggers -- here's one person's fiery explanation of why she blogs. Go read it! A-and here is a little something else that's interesting, in the same vein but a little more shameful.

What child is this? I saw a review about The Road the other day, that the little boy represents a sort of Christ figure. Hmmm, I can see it...

"Our hearts were singing,
It felt like Christmas time"

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