Thursday, May 19, 2005

Wasn't That Something?

Morning weigh-in: 177#, 9% BF

Had a time crunch last night: was suposed to be at my friend Eric's house for a ride at 6:00 PM; he lives on the other side of the Lehigh Valley and I had to drive from Jersey, stop and get salad etc (post-ride bike club meeting & dinner party), then pick up the bike. I left work at 4:30 as usual, and everything was on or ahead of schedule until I went to Nature's Way, a health-food store in downtown Easton, on the way home. They were out of those bag o'salad thingies. WTF??? They guy's like "they'll be in tomorrow, and you can be sure they're fresh!" Well that's just wonderful fella, but that salad will be eaten long before tomorrow no matter where I buy it, and will be fresh no matter where I buy it, and by coming to your store, gambling that you'd have a standard item in stock, I've screwed myself...

So now all of a sudden I'm under the gun. I go home & get bike, then drive over to the sprawl/rush-hour/traffic-jam part of town to the supermarket. Usual piddling frustrations at the checkout (lady in front of me has to pay by check, cashier is in slow motion -- at least, so it seems to someone in a rush), no biggie and I'm out of there. I leave the parking lot, get on the road to Route 33 (which will take me to I-78) -- and the road's closed. Gaaa! Quick U-turn back into the 25th Street traffic disaster, waste fifteen minutes even getting over to Rt 33, and arrive at 6:05, everyone dressed and ready to go except me. But they were still there, waiting and I was ready quick enough.

Decompression time. The ride was good, not too fast but hard because of the hills, and the day was beautiful. Meeting was also good, but very short -- we got back late from the ride, dinner had a lot of chatting going on, and it was the latest meeting start ever at 9:15. We were done by 10:00, and I was home & in bed by 11:00.

Tonight will be either the singlespeed at Jacobsburg, or the gym again if it's not nice - unlikely, from the look of things right now it'll be beautiful.

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