Monday, May 16, 2005

But Why? But Why? But Why?

Morning weigh-in: 178.5#, 4% BF (not likely)

Friday night I did the towpath ride with Brian, then we grabbed some dinner at Which Brew. The Skulldiggers were playing, place was packed so we ended up in the back room where we were joined by Hans, Heath, Stu & Kathy, some others -- we were sitting near the "alternate bathrooms" that only regulars seem to know about, got a lot of visitors. Brian left early, but I stayed and talked with Hans & Heath until maybe just before midnight.

Saturday was the "Allamuchy Epic," a Chain Gang ride but we also invited the VMB to join us. Me, Doug, Bob, Rich B, Joe & Cindy, Joe G, Greg H, Joe Viagra, Kris K, Scott S and Pete H, an even dozen riders. Very good ride but very hard, we only got in 15 miles in five hours of riding. (There were several major mechanical problems, which always slows things down of course.)

We mostly skipped any big post-ride meal, but I got a call at home from Doug: "don't take a nap or eat anything, we've got reservations at Cactus Blue." This is a new Mexican restaurant on Schoenersville Rd that D&L have been raving about. It's a very good place, & they were able to accommodate our relatively big crowd (maybe 16 people). Early night for me though.

Sunday was supposed to be rainy but it turned out quite nice indeed, which was good because we did another fundraiser at the Whitehall Wal-Mart. Me, Eric & Kris, Lori P, Kris's dad, and Brian who came later bearing pizza. Tired when I got there, I was exhausted at the end.

An observation I made: you can both confirm and destroy pretty much any theory or preconceived notion you might have about human behavior, simply by sitting on a bike in front of Wal-Mart and soliciting donations for a few hours.

Early dinner was a turkey sub, followed by a nap -- then I was wide awake until midnight. Read a little (from Idoru) in the last of the daylight on the porch. The little girl who lives downstairs, maybe four years old, popped her head up over the screen door: "Hi! What are you doing? Why? What are you reading? Can you read it to me? Why not? What's your name? Why?" Cute girl, but I didn't get much reading done until her mom shooed her away...

I may hit the gym tonight for weights only (no cardio), but I think I'm flirting with dehydration so I may just take it easy... I drank 100 oz of water on Saturday's ride, and 28 oz of water plus 96 oz of Gatorade at Wal-mart (also another pint of water, a liter of sprite and a 12 oz beer when I got home), still think I'm down a pint or two.

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