Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Stupid Magic Cauldron

Morning weigh-in: 180#, 10.5% BF

Well, I have a sinus infection, guess all that healthy herbal magic couldn't quite stop it. Tonight will be Janna's party and run/bike through the Christmas lights down in Bethlehem. I'll probably blow it off, at the very least the run part (I would have biked), which is too bad because I have a really good "grab bag" present... If this cold gets any worse I'll schedule a trip to the doctor, get a prescription for some antibiotics and that nasal spray.

Hit Which Brew last night for dinner, saw Heath & Hans there, as well as Scott, and Jessica, and Mike & Carole who were just leaving as I arrived. Bartender Maura's off on her honeymoon -- or at least, post-wedding vacation -- and her sister was there in her place. Reasonably big crowd, all of people that know each other, lots of conversation which actually got loud at times but it was still a mellow night. They have a "Festivus Party" planned for tomorrow night, I might have to blow that off as well -- and I have a great present for that one too.

Reading: I recently re-read Neuromancer and I just finished Count Zero; now I'm in the middle of Mona Lisa Overdrive. That'll give me something to do for the next couple of days, sigh...

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