Wednesday, May 12, 2004

A Busy Evening

Morning weigh-in: 177#, 14% BF

I went to the Democratic Meetup last night, but first I worked late, then swung by the ATM & the drycleaner, then grabbed a mini-dinner at Wegmans Cafe (where the meetup was held). I only got to eat part of it before the meeting, & finished the rest afterward before doing my grocery shopping. Wegmans is an amazing place.

The meetup was OK, if nothing spectacular. It was equal parts boring (when people vented on various issues, or engaged in Bush-bashing), unnerving (when they started soliciting for volunteers for the phone banks or whatever), and interesting when party officials or candidates' aides spoke about various things. There were a few flakeballs there too: one independent looking for Democratic support for his state senate run (so OK, be a Democrat), and one independent who was actually running for President.

When I left for work yesterday morning, I put some laundry on, and when I got home from the meeting I did another load, then took them both to the laundromat to dry (I still haven't fixed my dryer). I stopped by Which Brew while the clothes were drying, but it was pretty quiet.

(One of the couples at the Meetup are also Which Brew regulars; the husband was actually a "guest chef" there one Friday night. They are hosting a fund-raiser party for, I think I'll probably go.)

I left WB, retreived my laundry, and then hit Taco Hell on the way home, oh well. No running this morning, but tonight is a group road ride.

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