Tuesday, May 11, 2004

and now for a Tuesday fly-by...

Morning weigh-in: 175#, 15% BF

Rode last night at Jacobsburg, supposedly a "recovery ride" (in other words, slow pace, active rest), but it quickly degenerated into the usual "pissing contest" speedfest. Of course, the usual suspects were involved: myself, Brian H, Bryan K, Doug, Rich Butz, and Joe C on a single-speed. We were flying, but only had about 14 miles total because we stopped so much. (By contrast, Brian and I rode up there a few weeks ago, with less available time and a much more sedate pace, and we managed the same distance. "Fast & steady" beats everything, but "slow and steady" beats everything else, especially "sprint-rest-sprint-rest.")

Ran two miles this morning, took 23 minutes to do it. Sunday's ride hurt me last night -- it was supposed to be easy!! -- and the two conspired against me this morning. After the run and my morning constitutional, I weighed myself again and got 173.5#. It's not an official weight, but -- woo hoo!

UPDATE: I checked the results for that 5K, and gained 26 seconds for an official finish of 25:32. Not bad!

Tonight I'm working late, then going to the Democratic Meetup in Bethlehem, see what's up with that.

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