Sunday, May 14, 2006

An Early Weekend Update

Thought I'd better cover my ass here, since tomorrow may be a busy day, both for me and for the internet: there are persistent rumors that Rove got indicted last Friday. I'm not holding my breath, but if it happens or, did happen, I'm sure I, as well as many others, will have something to say... Furthermore, some analysts are saying that Fitzgerald's real target is Cheney, and he now has him in his sights -- it could be an interesting week. (I see that there's still little mention of the CIA-"Hookergate" connection, though that may also start to unravel pretty soon too. Like I said, could be an interesting week.)

So, I went out yesterday, some chores & errands but not as many as I would have liked to accomplish; instead I managed a "triple play" -- where I go to all three of the bona-fide cafes in Easton, something I haven't done in years. (It's been years since there were three bona fide cafes in Easton.) I went to Coffee Works for breakfast, then hit the Quadrant to buy coffee beans (really only "half a play" there), and later in the day I went to the Cosmic Cup on College Hill, first time there though it's been open more than a year.

Pretty nice place, more like a Starbucks setup (the color scheme is red though), or those coffee shops you see in bike stores, than the other places, especially the counter design -- it's definitely more espresso-oriented than the other two. While I was there, a jazz combo came in and started playing, and their first song was "All Blues." I'd been listening to Miles's Kind of Blue a lot lately, so it was kind of a neat synchronicity -- though I have a feeling these guys might have been playing that particular song because it was easy...

Went home, did some stuff, then went out to Which Brew for dinner. Kind of beat, not drinking is lame in a setting like that -- even hanging out with my friends wasn't all that fun. I ate, then went home even before the band started playing.

Linux Voyager, Perl Diving in Pleasant Waters: I overheard a conversation the other day at work, some people trying to write (rather, re-write) a program to do some specialized text manipulation. They sounded like they were killing themselves, trying to re-invent regular expressions in Visual Basic or whatever. It got me thinking "this would be a perfect job for perl," so last night I broke out my Learning Perl book -- I'd forgotten everything I ever knew -- and started experimenting. I was up half the night, then got right back into it this morning, but I have a working demo, a simple program that will do what they're trying to accomplish. Some bug fixes, and it's there.

Today I had lunch at the Quadrant, to make up for yesterday.

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