Sunday, December 20, 2015

Like, When You Jump Down And Land On The Ground, And Your Legs Flex To Jump Again

Just about the bottom of the year, the solstice only days away -- official winter about to start, and already summer latent in the sky. (It's been freakishly warm lately by the way, but the colder weather has finally arrived, and it feels like Christmas at least, even if it doesn't look like it yet.)

Meanwhile, speaking of triggers being pulled...

Friday was my last work day of 2015, and it was the last day of a hectic, stressful week. There's a decision I/we made about two years ago, and the time we targeted is fast approaching: I'll be giving notice at work, in either the first or the second week of the new year, and my career will be done. This has been in the works for a while, and the target date has long been established; the events of the past year (slow ratcheting-up of the stress levels, increasingly hectic pace, increasing levels of bureaucratic/HR bullshit, and the loss of a bunch of vacation days and holidays, as we get integrated into the company that bought us), and then finally this past week, are not really why I made this decision, but they've certainly done nothing to make me change my mind.

I'm not sure what will come after, but the basic idea is "early retirement." We are now financially independent, if we live simply and sensibly (and maybe even if we don't), and though my original plan was for a career change, maybe some computer/web freelance work, we now are both ready to stop working, at least for a year or two -- until (perish the thought) we grow bored, and tired of "doing nothing."

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Unknown said...

I'd like to see you have less stress and perhaps ensure. some income in another more acceptable even surprising way so you have some more security if possible.
But stress will sicken you, too much of it. Didn't know your company was bought.
I left full time teaching because of stress and consequent illness, so I understand. I did have Dad to rely on, but he. too retired first chance he could. Be wanted to retire around your age too because of a tough regime change, but didn't yet have enough saved so he stayed till 62.
If you can, do it! BTW, I loved my post retirement job in BCC, took Art, was able to help GM & GP more and relaxed. It was a difficult but good move.