Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One-Brew Tuesday

Morning weigh-in: 184.5#, 15% BF
Weights are still high, but since I dropped a half pound after Two Brew And Tacos Tuesday, I thought I'd take the win and record it here.
Busy night last night, lots of running around: straight to the gym from work (where I added legs for the first time in a while), then walked over to Eskandalo for a haircut (calling my niece for a birthday greeting on the walk over), then home to change, then finally walked over Brew Works to meet up with the post-knitting crew. Normally I get the tacos (a Tuesday bargain at 3 for $3.00), and I did last night as well, but I skipped the sour cream and guacamole, and instead of two beers I only had one, so between the leg workout and the evening's belt-tightening...
I don't know what's up for tonight, maybe a run with Anne.

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HMK said...

Olivia must have been so happy to hear from you.
We called too.
We sent her a "real" camera & accessories. Her Mom bought her "An American Doll" a big deal with girls her age. The doll's name is Rachel.

Kevin made her a stand for her new fishtank & they painted it hot pink.
Today they set it up and tomorrow, a blue lobster will inhabit it.
It's hard to control weight gainand eat out, anywhere.
Moderating like you did will do the trick.
I have been doing that somewhat.
In Dunkin Donuts, I get eggwhite and turkey sausage on flatbread.
It's good enough. I don't eat as much - about half & that helps.
I'm glad you lost the 1/2
I tresure each such good news.
We saw Kings Speech (very good) and Black swan (also very good)
Will see True Grit
Didn't enjoy Social network so much except for the insights.
All is well here & it seems so at your end also.