Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Morning weigh-in: 177.5#, 12% BF
Not Quite Flahute: Rode the towpath last night, pretty nice even with a bit of drizzle coming down. It was supposed to be a group ride, but the majority chickened out: I met Eastoner Mark at Sand Island; he came from home and was at his turnaround. Since he lives over by 25th Street somewhere, we did a bit of the Palmer bike path as part of my turnaround, a part I probably haven't been on since they built the Route 33 bridge. Total for the night was probably 17 miles. I wracked up my hand at Sals on Friday night, some stupid crash early in the ride and I sprained my thumb; right now I have trouble shifting in front, so last night was ideal -- just put it in the big ring and toodle along.
(We visited my folks on Saturday, and got in a ride at Allaire. Ibuprofen and middle-ring toodling, easy trails, just a bit of exploration -- I was there probably twice in the last two years, and hadn't been there at all in the previous decade; the place has returned to Terra Incognita.)
Stumbling Towards Bethlehem: Anne and I got up early and ran this morning, 3.2 miles in about 35 minutes: no great but not too too bad. Unfortunately that was about a mile longer than my ankle really wanted to go, and it got cranky towards the end. Anne must have noticed:
ANNE: You OK? How's your leg?
ME: Not so great.
ANNE: You want to cut the pace?
ME: No, I have... other issues...
Yep, there was more of my body awake and functioning besides lungs and legs, and I was happy to get home to a bathroom. (This made for a great TMI Facebook post, and now I know the perfect FB troll.) I'm trying to get ready for the New Year's Eve "First Friday" run in Bethlehem, and we'll also be doing the Turkey Trot together this Friday morning. Much holiday running through the Christmas City...
Tonight I get my broken tooth fixed, then if I feel up for it I may join the post-knitting ladies at Brew Works. Taco Night, you know.


HMK said...

I hope you're all bended by now.
Sprains are sooo sore.
Just as weary ankles.
Do you get PSI tests? Getting familiar with all local BR's is a symptom! As is returning home pronto.
Of course there's latitude here concerning which function.
No more potty talk, I promise.

You have healthy activities lined up- makes for a fit Christmas!

I think I'll take a course of instructions in knitting at library or Michael's or A.C.Moore. It seems very relaxing till you skip a stitch!

HMK said...

I meant "mended" not "bended."

Don said...

Knitting: You really have to see the crew in action!

HMK said...

I would love to some day.
Take pix!

HMK said...

Get good moisture cream; neutragena or Vaseline Intensive Care or Curasel