Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Vacation!

Well, I'm done with work for the rest of this year, not going back until January 5th. Sweet1 I don't really have any plans, maybe ride Sals on the singlespeed tomorrow morning then play on the computer, set the pattern for the rest of the week... Anne's working, so I don't feel like, say, making travel plans anyway

The Turner is in the bike shop, getting the front brakes worked on, I've got octave up and running (and playing nicely with emacs & gnuplot) and my next task -- upgrading the home computer -- is on schedule. Things are pretty mellow right now, and except for Christmas shopping, I really have nothing to do...


Anonymous said...

That is a good situation to be in.
Mellow out while you have the time.
Non commital is a rare pleasure.

I've already gotten the Christmas fatigue syndrome so I hope this week doesn't present any surprises.
I need to get packed for FL after wrapping all the Xmas gifts & writing cards.

Our tree is up -very pretty & alluring when tree lights are on.

We use fireplace to take chill out of open area & it's so cozy.

Don said...

That fireplace sounds really nice on a cool night!