Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Short Week

Morning weigh-in (Monday): 175.5#, 12.5% BF
Morning weigh-in (Tuesday): 177.5#, 9% BF

B-b-but where was the booze? Normally when the body fat is down like that and the weight's up, it means I went out the night before... last night was yoga and dinner at home, but there was probably a bounceback from some weekend weight/water suppression.

Thursday night: Gym workout with Dawn, then Which Brew to catch Post Junction. It was a later night than I would have wanted: they usually close at 11:00 on weeknights, but stayed open until midnight, and I stuck around for the whole show.

Friday night: Had what was probably my best towpath time in two years, 22.5 miles in 1:20, just below a 17 mph average (personal bests used to be 1:28 for 25.4 miles, ten years and 20 pounds ago when I lived on Southside). I was trying to make it home in time to go to a special Kirtan Workshop at Easton Yoga, but I was late for the start (like, over an hour late) so I skipped it. Which Brew for dinner, where I saw the Dan DeChellis Trio (sans the sax player, which would have made it a quartet anyway); I also saw some people who went to the Kirtan thing, and they told me I missed a great event. Oh well, there'll be another one in September, and the show at WB was good.

Saturday: Great yoga class, super workout with some different things (mostly from Kundalini yoga) in the mix. After that I skipped the gym, and went out on an exploration...

Patience, Willow: I rode down almost to Bethlehem, to check out the ruins of an abandoned amusement park. (When I mentioned this place to friends, I got a few stories about trips there as kids -- I also heard stories from younger friends, about sneaking into the place after it was closed.) I didn't find much, but it was my first visit, more recon than anything else -- there's supposed to be quite a bit still there, if you know where to look. I'll be back, but most likely on foot, and I'll probably do it in the fall/winter, when the vegetation is dormant.

Euro Vision: This was close to the Freemansburg section of the towpath, so I dropped on to that and cruised back to Easton. I hit downtown and did a mini "hub crawl" -- like a pub crawl, only on the bike -- stopping at setta Luna (first time there: had a Hoegaarden), then Pearly Baker's (Dogfish Head Farmhouse Ale), and finally Which Brew (Weyerbacher Muse), where I also got a burger and a coffee. Outdoor dining all the way, it was a pretty sweet setup.

Saturday Night: BBQ/Party at the Rigler's, a blowout they do every year with their next-door neighbor. Good time, but I (mostly) stuck to the Diet Cokes at that point.

Payback, Bi-yatch! Sunday was a ride at Blue Marsh with Joe & Cindy and Eric. Fun but relentlessly aerobic -- and fast -- and I eventually cracked by trying to keep up with the rockets. They stopped for some lunch at the beachside snack shack, and I passed them without realizing, so they eventually caught me and we finished together. Twenty four miles, two and a half hours, 100 ounces of E-Load (and a quart of OJ plus 20 oz of Coke on the ride home), I was spanked.

I'm going up to Vermont for a long weekend this Thursday, tonight is yoga and bike prep.

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