Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Light Upon The Water

Originally uploaded by otarako.
Merry Christmas! Isn't that a cool photo? -- flickr tossed it up as one of the "most interesting photos in the last seven days." I agree!

Meantime, I just thought I'd mention that Against The Day is just getting weirder and weirder...

I did that road ride today, went up along the Delaware ,north on 611, then (eventually) back along Bushkill Drive. Very nice, the water in creek and river had that "really cold water" look, even though the temperature was pretty moderate.


Anonymous said...

That really is a cool shot!

Speaking of shots, Joe just took one at a possum.........with a broom, not a gun. We put a crate out in the back yard for a feral we feed, hoping to help it keep warm. When we looked outside a short time ago, we noticed a very long, rat-like tail inside the crate. The binoculars showed us a possum went in, got under all the bedding we put inside and made itself at home. That fugly thing couldn't be convinced to leave, even with throwing things at the crate and making all kinds of noise. Joe finally resorted to kicking the crate over and poking it out with a broom handle, hoping all the time he wouldn't get bitten. Could those things be any uglier? Stubborn little sucker! Anyway, since the feral isn't using the crate, it's going out for the garbage tomorrow. That was the excitement of the day. We need to get a life. ;-)

Anonymous said...

That photo is amazing like a Christmas tree ornament set on a tree. The photographer must be shooting into a stream or brook.
What does the writing spell out?
Check out pix I sent you.

Don said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure it is a ball on a Christmas tree, one that (judging by the rest of the background) is outside a mall or plaza. The letters look like they spell out "Chanel."