Monday, August 07, 2006

Where Ya Been, People Been Askin About Ya

Morning weigh-in: 180.5#, 12% BF
Blood Pressure: 144/83, 59 BPM

Whoa, that's a a major spike...

The weekend:

Friday was the "Wiener Derby," Janna & Eric's ride/picnic from the Velodrome. The ride, basically following the "Derby Ride" course, started at 6:00 sharp, and I just made it. I rode with one of the slower groups, then hooked up with Eric R and we cruised at a bit quicker pace for the last 10 miles or so. Hot dogs & summer salads in the Velodrome lot afterwards, almost like we were tailgating since there were races going on. My friends Heath & Hans were inside watching the Madison Cup race, so I went in and said hi, then they came outside & hung out afterward.

Heath told me that he and Margarita, married this time last year, are now separated. Things got a little awkward after that...

Saturday had a lot of running around: started by picking up drycleaning, then got a carwash -- Wilson Band fundraiser, swore I'd never let them touch my car again, but hey it's for a good cause, and this time they did a great job -- then the gym, Sears for some hardware, organic food shopping, and a visit to Doug & Lori. At home: got the new dryer going, washed & dried (woo hoo!) a few loads of laundry while I worked on the bike, and then went out to Which Brew for dinner. They were trying to get ready for vacation -- they're closed this week -- and giving away desserts etc. I got a huge chunk of chocolate cake -- schweet! Very rich though, and I was stuffed full of the dinner I ate and the beer they were pushing (cask of Autumn Fest had to be finished that night), and the cannoli that had already been foisted upon me... I got some help from the bartenders and my friend Kirk, who I think saved the last of it for his girlfriend.

A good night, saw Mike and Carol & their friend (whose name escapes me), and had good conversations with Kirk and and Arnie (it was his birthday) and also with Lee, who don't know well but he had some very interesting things to say. Even so, I left kind of early, I felt like a beach ball with arms & legs sticking out.

Sunday started with a ride at Sals. Me, Brian, Pete H, Eric R, Scott S, and a guy named Ron, who we saw wandering around in the baseball field; he couldn't find the good trails so we hooked him up. The only person missing was my friend Tom H, who was the reason for the ride, I was going to show him around. He actually called around 11:30 (ride started at 10:00), to see what was up. Oh well, not riding today... The ride itself was very good, and though I wasn't the fastest there I felt pretty strong. Lots of other people in the woods, saw three other groups of riders, including some Wildlands Conservancy guys planning an adventure race.

Home, nap, shower and back to Bethlehem for a little bit of Musikfest. I met Joe & Cindy there, had some pork tacos and a pulled-pork sandwich (one animal species, two vendors) for dinner, had a few Brew Works beers and caught a zydeco band, as well as a set of the Red Elvises. Saw Andrew (from Porters) there with a few friends, but I was out of there pretty early: stopped for more food shopping on the way home, and was still home before dark. Ice cream and a little more Edward Abbey on the porch, and I was in bed by 10:00. Woke up exhausted.

Reading: Besides the Edward Abbey reader, I've been checking out The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Millman, which Doug loaned me. So far it's sort of like a Carlos Castenada Lite.

Listening: Doug also loaned me a CD he'd been pushing for a while, a band called Wolfmother. I've been listening to it in the car ever since. Kind of super-derivative metalloid rock, but there are a few songs that I really like.

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