Thursday, May 26, 2005

Much Ado About Nothing

No morning weigh-in -- oops!

Country girl, I think you're pretty
Got to make you understand
Got no lovers in the city
Wanna be your country man.
- CSN&Y, "Country Girl"
A bloated and depressing song, once you get past the surface of it: a monument to despair, last song on a bloated and depressing album... I got to thinking about it after reading today's featured wikipedia article: The Country Wife. No connection really between them, except the similar titles. Speaking of country women, looks like Steve Gilliard really didn't care for our new American Idol.

Meantime, back in the real world: I got a call last night from my friend Doug; he and Lori were downtown, grabbed dinner at Which Brew and would I like to join them? I'd already heard from another friend that Lori's grandfather had died during the day (it was her birthday too), and so I guess they were in Easton hanging with family and dealing with the situation. They both looked pretty subdued, must have been draining. Lori felt that her grandfather was more than ready to leave this world, and he passed quickly & painlessly; that might make it easier to let go, but it's still not easy...

Anyway, we were supposed to go to Burlington this weekend, ride up at Stowe, catch the night life, and cheer on Kris R's marathon run. The rain's been pretty bad up there, trails are trashed so it looks like riding's a wash, and with the viewing tonight and the funeral tomorrow, D&L have dropped out (ditto Bob & Karen). Maybe it's not meant to be... still planning to go as of right now though.

And speaking of Vermont: I'm signed up to do the VASS Vermont 50-Miler in late September. Registration opened yesterday evening, and it's already full.

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