Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wednesday Internet Tour

Morning weigh-in: 168#, 11% BF
This is what ugly looks like. So sad, a textbook case of a sociopath and his victim. Meanwhile: so long Sexy Sadie, and happy anniversary Indiana legislature -- a-and we'll never let you live it down... Speaking of dumbass anniversaries, here's a look back for Colin Powell Day.
Ooohhhh, creepy! Maybe I won't get that pedicure after all...
Gym last night, hit it pretty hard. Finished off that pot roast too, but you knew that. Tonight is yoga. I'll probably make pasta & tuna w/ wilted greens on Friday, so tonight's dinner will just be like black beans and a salad or something  -- tomorrow is that SPCA benefit at Bethlehem Brew Works, gotta start starving now to compensate.

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