Friday, February 08, 2008

Deep In The Heart Of The American Milk Solids Council

Morning weigh-in: 169#, 10.5% BF (zoinks!)
Well the first day of CPAC has come and gone, and our new gonzo journalist champion has chapters three, four, five, six and seven posted. With a little editing this would actually make a great book, or at least a good (long) article in say Rolling Stone or something. I wonder how long he can keep up the charade?
Meantime, that SPCA charity last night was very nice, though the special cask-conditioned "Hair of the Dog" raspberry stout only lasted until about 6:30. Hot wings, cheesesteak, fries and a few other beers -- the beer quality at Bethlehem Brew Works has improved tremendously, even in the past year or so -- and of course no workout, sigh...
Tonight is the towpath, followed by (maybe) an early night at Which Brew, though my plan is to eat at home, pasta & tuna & wilted greens. Tomorrow is a brick workout (yoga, gym), and I have a massage scheduled for later in the day -- I have a discount coupon for one at Easton Yoga. There is a guest lecturer talking about Sanskrit immediately afterward, so I may stick around, but I need a haircut too, and if I stay for the lecture I don't think I can make Eskandalo! by closing time. (Their talents may be somewhat wasted on my head, but two cuts there and I refuse to go anywhere else -- besides, that's one of the coolest daytime spaces in the valley.)
So full day tomorrow, trying to keep Sunday open for whatever, depending on the weather.

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