Thursday, May 14, 2015

It Took A Village

Morning weigh-in: 194#, 12% BF

I have a CAD puzzle or problem at work, bending groups  of tubes in 3D to achieve a certain configuration. It's not hard but it's tedious, and involves a lot of iterative trial and error for each tube - and there are dozens of tubes in each configuration. It takes me about half a day to work through one full configuration, and there are a whole bunch of configurations to look at...

I figured out a way to automate the process, but we don't have access to any real computing power here (we're not allowed to have any programming capabilities, and the most advanced math package available to me is Excel). So, what I did was write a C program at home, using only the typically available libraries, and once it ran correctly I put it on my SDF shell account and compiled it there. Now I log into SDF from my phone and run the program to get my results. It's like I'm using my phone as a calculator; it's (barely) less tedious than my other method, but the process is now moving much faster.

Jumping through hoops FTW!

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