Sunday, May 04, 2008

Moving Up On My Over/Under

Bikes Allowed
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Whelp, I'm home from Michaux. The bike's been cleaned, lubed and put away, dinner's over; it's almost like Christmas has come and gone... I went down with Eric B and Joe, who both had phenomenal days (Joe actually came in 3rd in Masters), and I managed to pretty much hit the goal I was shooting for, a 3:30 finish time (my official finish time was 3:31:28). Not bad, and especially when it turned out to be a perfect day!

I felt very confident in the rough stuff (and I'm now convinced that that fork is a keeper), and found that what I call my "over/under" -- the level of technical difficulty for some physical challenge on the bike, such that I have a 50-50 chance of success given my current skill level -- has improved significantly enough that I was able to pick people off by catching and passing them when they flubbed the technical sections, actually gaining the most ground on stuff I used to dread. Anyway, Michaux is now behind us, and I think I saw what I was looking for there.

Meantime, I uploaded a bunch of North Carolina photos, maybe just less than half of what I'm going to post (so stay tuned for more), and you can find the set here. Enjoy!


toni said...

I did enjoy the photos, particularly the view from Black Mountain Trail, Pisgah Nat'l. Forest. And, of course, your ruby slippers were an awesome sight. Obviously, you didn't click your heels and wish to go home. Thanks for sharing.

HMK said...

You guys sure stay well oiled!
I really like Black Mt trail, esp in sunlight (rare) and the wee wildflowers are outstanding in the wooded forest.
I started backward from Monday so didn't realize Michaux was over & posted.